Here at Seminole Family Dentistry, we are proud to help residents of Seminole, Florida keep up their family’s dental health. That’s why we are the people to call for Seminole dental services and information. If you are a loved one is having dental troubles and needs help, schedule an appointment at our clinic. In the mean time, here are some fun dentist facts to keep you entertained.

Lots of Brushing

We have all been told to brush and floss more after going to the dentist. But have you ever wondered how much all that brushing adds up? Well, the average person in America will spend a total of 38.5 days brushing over the course of their lifetime. That is a lot, but we are still betting our dentist will tell us to brush more!

Ditch the Soda

Soda may be delicious, but according to some studies as few a three glasses a day can increase a person’s risk for tooth decay, need for fillings, and tooth loss by 62%.

Hard Livin’

What do you think the hardest substance in your body is? Bones? Nope! The hardest substance in your body is your tooth enamel, so make sure you keep it healthy. And remember, just because it is the hardest substance in your body, doesn’t mean you should be using your teeth to open bottle caps!

Importance of Flossing

We have all been told by our dentist to floss more. But have you ever wondered why that is? Well, when you don’t floss, opting just to brush instead, you are missing potentially up to 40 percent of the surface area of your teeth. That is a lot of space for bacteria to crawl in!

Most Valuable Tooth (MVT)

We don’t know why you would, but maybe you’ve wondered what the most valuable tooth in the world is worth. If so, you will be glad to know that in today’s money, it is worth 35,700 dollars. Who could have owned such a tooth? That would be Sir Isaac Newton, whose tooth was sold in 1816 for 3,633 dollars. Don’t worry, it was set in a very beautiful ring when sold — otherwise it might be gross!

Crocodile Dentist

It seems like it is not just people that have mastered dentistry, but the Crocodile Bird as well. This bird gets its name from a very strange habit; when a crocodile opens its mouth, the Crocodile Bird will actually fly inside of it and clean out the crocodile’s teeth.

Dentist’s Dream? or Nightmare?

Snails are small, and their mouths are even smaller. Actually, their mouths are about as small as the head of a pin. What makes them truly impressive, or terrifying, to dentists, is that these tiny mouths contain as many as 25,000 different teeth!

Animal Kingdom

The snail isn’t the only animal with a different amount of teeth than what people have. If you ever want to impress people at parties (okay, maybe a dentist’s party), dogs have 42 teeth, pigs have 44, cats have 30, and an armadillo has 104.

Leading Women

The title of first female dentist goes to Lucy Beaman Hobbs, who received her license in 1866.

Spurned Advice

We have all heard our dentist say that we need to brush our teeth for at least two to three minutes per session? Do you fall short of that number? If so, you are among the average Americans, who only brush their teeth between 45 and 70 seconds per session. Remember, your dentist told you better!

Dental Inflation

Back in the 1950s, the average price a kid might get for their lost tooth from the tooth fairy was 25 cents. That amount quadrupled by 1988 to one dollar per tooth. Today, the average rate for a lost tooth by the tooth fairy is two dollars.

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