1. Dental Care Tips

    Here at Seminole Family Dentistry, we are proud to offer dental services in Seminole, Florida. Maintaining oral health should always be a priority. More than just a nice smile, your teeth play an important role in the function of your overall health. Luckily, taking care of them is easier than you might think. Here are some dental tips to keep your teeth going strong! Getting the Right Nutrients J…Read More

  2. Interesting Teeth Facts

    Here at Seminole Family Dentistry, we are proud to do our part to maintain the oral health of our patients in Florida. Did you know that your oral health has a huge effect on your overall health? That is part of why regular Seminole dental service appointments are so important. Feel free to call us at any time to set up yours. In the meantime, here are some interesting teeth facts. Forensic Materi…Read More

  3. How to Floss Your Teeth

    According to a study by Healthy People, as much as 50 percent of the population admits to not flossing daily. Here at Seminole Family Dentistry, we just can’t let that slide. Flossing is a necessary part of maintaining your dental health, so it is important to do it daily, and to do it correctly. Your dental health very likely could depend on it. We go over just how to floss your teeth here. Don…Read More

  4. How to Brush Your Teeth

    We’ve all gone to the dentist’s office, only to be told that we need to brush and floss more. There is a reason that they go to the trouble (no, not sadism). Proper brushing technique is extremely important for your dental health. Here at Seminole Family Dentistry, we have see first hand every day just how important the effects of flossing are. We go over how to brush your teeth correctly here…Read More

  5. Fun Dentist Facts

    Here at Seminole Family Dentistry, we are proud to help residents of Seminole, Florida keep up their family's dental health. That's why we are the people to call for Seminole dental services and information. If you are a loved one is having dental troubles and needs help, schedule an appointment at our clinic. In the mean time, here are some fun dentist facts to keep you entertained. Lots of Brush…Read More